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Barcelona is a well-known city in Spain. It is a 6th most prominent city in Europe Union. Barcelona is a vibrant city with a stunning seashore that makes more graceful by flaunting her beauty and sunlit lifestyle. It is one of the leading tourism, trade fair and culture center, economic which reflect an influence in commerce, entertainment, education, media, fashion, the arts and science they have been contributing to make Barcelona global city in the world. Elegant scenery, amazing culture, and spectacular architecture make Barcelona a more enchanting destination. it has an atmospheric medieval region, the BarriGotic is older ambiance and more prominent for its Modernist architecture. there are numerous of sight which is appreciated by the UNESCO. other than that the famous sights are Basilica de la SagradaFamilia, BarriGòtic, Casa Mila, Palau de la MúsicaCatalana, The Magic Fountain after getting fatigued the simply relax and leisure place is La Rambla where you can stroll down or hangout. to make your holiday more adventurous then escape to sandy beaches.

Best Place to Visit Barcelona:

Casa Mila:

The sophisticated avenue of Passeig de Gracia, Casa Mila is appreciated by the UNESCO as the most prominent temporal building. Case Mila is graciously known as "La Pedrera", which means "The Stone Quarry"this building resemble as an open quarry. it was constructed in 1906 and 1912, this flamboyant cutting edge abiding looks more like a model than a useful building. Each line of the normal stone veneer is bent, with adjusted windows and metal gallery railings twining around in plant-like shapes. Indeed, even the rooftop has an undulating shape supplemented by the enriching chimneys.

Palau de la MúsicaCatalana:

It was constructed in 1905 and 1908 as a show lobby for the choral society OrfeóCatalà, The Palau de la MúsicaCatalana was structured by the draftsman LluísDomènech I Montaner, in the Catalan Modernista style. the inside style is similarly as beautiful and whimsical as the outside, its shape and adornment are committed to choral and other melodic performances. The concert hall of Palau, which situated around 2,200 individuals, is the main assembly hall in Europe enlightened amid sunshine hours altogether by normal light. The dividers on opposite sides comprised principally of recolored glass sheets set in radiant curves, and overhead is a tremendous sky facing a window of recolored glass structured by AntoniRigalt whose focal point is an upset vault in shades of gold encompassed by a blue that proposes the sun and the sky.

La Rambla:

The core of Barcelona's social activity is found on La Rambla, a wide, tree-shaded road that partitions the Old Town into two sections. La Rambla extends from the Plaça de Catalunya, where the excellent Romanesque twelfth-century Cloister of Santa Clause Anna stands, right down to the port. This wide road, including a broad person on foot walkways, is fixed with shops, eateries, and open coffee shops, making it a standout amongst the most well-known joints in the city.

Nearest Airport to Barcelona:

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Perpignan - Rivesaltes Airport

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